Limited Home Warranty and Customer Service

March 27, 2020

We provide a limited home warranty and customer service program for each of our Homebuyers that exceeds the standards of the homebuilding industry. Our goal to deliver a high-quality home that lasts the tests of time and continues throughout your homeownership. The experience begins at the initial planning stage and continues far after close of escrow.


During Construction 

During the construction period, your new Lenox home is routinely inspected by our Superintendents to ensure that the workmanship and materials meet Lenox high standards. In addition, private third-party inspectors check the home at various stages of construction items that need attention. Any defects or work not meeting Lenox’s level of building standards and finishes are corrected or replaced as required. When the home is completed, Lenox’s Superintendent performs a detailed inspection of the construction and finishes prior to the final Building Department inspection.


Building Inspection

Once the Building Department inspection is completed and signed off, the Lenox quality control and customer service department conduct a 150 point evaluation noting any items in the home requiring further correction. Lenox personnel makes the corrections and ensures that the home meets the Lenox standard. At this point,  a scheduled 2 to 3hour thorough “Orientation” is carried out with the Homebuyer and members of our Quality Control and Customer Service Department. Each feature of the home is demonstrated and the Homeowner has an opportunity to ask questions and gather further information about the operation of their new home.  In the event that any additional items needing further correction are found, they are listed and corrected.


Limited Home Warranty

Your home is covered under the Lenox 10 Year Limited Home Warranty. The Warranty recognizes the requirements of the State SB 800 Legislative Act addressing the functional standards in new homes, procedures for correcting construction defects and the rights/duties of the Homebuyer. Lenox provides its new Homebuyer with the assurance of 100% compliance with SB-800 which includes a through Fit and Finish Warranty for the first year of homeownership. After the first year, the 10-Year Limited Warranty continues. Details of this warranty are outlined in the Homebuyer’s documentation provided by Lenox along with the Maintenance Manual and Customer Service Procedures.


After Closing

After escrow closing, our Customer Service Manager will schedule a 30-day warranty appointment to follow up on items that may need correction. Although we strive for a 100% defect-free home, the Homeowners may discover minor items that need adjustments or corrections. Our service representative will schedule an appropriate time to make the service call after your move-in is completed. During the warranty period, our in-house Customer Service Department will handle your service needs under both the product and building warranties. On building deficiencies or problems, we will contact you to correct the item. Lenox remains your contact point and will follow through to ensure your problem is corrected and the job completed in a professional and prompt manner. Our goal is to reward our Homebuyer with years of comfort and satisfaction in their new home.


We hope you enjoy the peace of mind that this warranty affords you throughout your experience in your new Lenox Home!